Every motorsport fan knows that the best part of any race is sharing the passion and excitement with other people on and off track. That’s what makes our community a true community. And to aid with that, we’re launching a brand-new initiative regarding smoke-free areas at the track.

By establishing specific smoke-free areas and asking smokers to take a moment to find the nearest dedicated smoking zone, we aim to create an experience where we all feel comfortable and ready to race!

Additionally, we’re also helping in the disposal of cigarettes in an environmentally responsible way, which is essential in reducing the impact we have on the community. We share this planet with other people, and we can all play a role in creating a better future by taking small steps like this.

There is more. We all know that smoking is harmful and addictive, and the best choice for anyone who smokes is to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether. Each year, many do. But for those adults who don’t, we can help them access as much factually accurate information as possible so that they have the best tools to make informed choices.

We can all play a role. And just as we strive to create a better future for our sport through advances in technology, we can help create a better future off track too, including by supporting actions that can help end smoking faster.

Let’s race towards a smoke-free era!

Racing Towards a Smoke-Free Era’ is an initiative as part of Racing Together, launched in 2022, supported by our partner Philip Morris International.

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